Aan Resized

"Aantelah" by Lilyia (TallmanCreations - DA)


Nickname: Aan
Race: Draenei
Age: Draenei don't tend to keep track!
Birthplace: Telmor
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinner and Leatherworker
Affiliations: Marshal of Servitors of Lothar

Appearance: An impressive figure, tall and well toned from her strong muscular arms to legs thick and able enough to outrun a barrens lion. Her skin is alabaster white and riddled with scars that tend to go unnoticed, shimmering and blending into each other. The one that stands out mars her face from below her left ear, tracing part of her jaw, to end at the corner of her mouth. Her long brown hair hangs over her face covering it half of the time. She wears a patch over her ruined right eye. She is often seen smoking a rolled cigarette of dried herbs. Which would explain the odd herbal scent about her.




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