Aimiar Ironbrew Felbane
Guild Retribution of Arathor
Title Lightsworn, Venerated Scholar of the Explorer's League
Nicknames Six-Lives Ironbrew
Game Name Aimiar
Class Warrior
Race Dwarf
Gender male
Age 73
Height 4'10"
Weight 294 lbs.
Hair Color Red-orange
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Typical dwarven ruddy complexion
Alignment Lawful Good
Professions Miner, Engineer

Physical DescriptionEdit

Aimiar is in what's considered to be middle-age for Dwarves. He has flame red hair, bright blue eyes, and usually can be seen with a smile on his face. He has five tatoos that he keeps covered, one for each major war he's fought in. Likewise, any scars recieved during those engagements are also covered.


Aimiar is a positive, loyal, and frank individual. His years of experience and his knowledge from his training as a Scholar give him a unique insight not only into strategy and war, but also into relations with the other races and cultures of Azeroth. It may be hard to realize exactly how keenly intelligent Aimiar is, given his dwarvish disposition towards taverns and having a good time, but those that seek him out find his knowledge and guidance to be an invaluable asset.


Aimiar has fought both as an enlisted member of the Ironforge Army (he was booted out shortly after the Third war for refusing a direct order) and as a Mercenary in five major conflicts:The Second war, The Third War, The 1st Scourge Invasion, the Campaign of the Dark Portal, and The Second Scourge Invasion. He is a decorated member of the frontline rifle and motor teams, and has keen working knowledge on explosives, mechanics, engineering, pyrotechnics, and gunsmithing. His father, being an Aerie Peak Dwarf, relayed to aimiar everything he knew on flight and flight combat, and so Aimiar is a skilled gryphon rider and mechanical pilot. aimiar took an interest in archeology shortly after the second war with his hometown of Thelsamar being so close to the digsite of Uldaman. Though his studies were interrupted by later conflicts, Aimiar has kept to them, and has since become a scholar for the Explorer's League. Aimiar lost his fiancee during the events of the Third war, and the rest of his clan (Ironbrew) over the long course of all five, his Father being the most recently deceased during an engagement against the demons at the Dark Portal. Despite this, Aimiar keeps a positive attitude about life, and a very practical one about warfare and strategy. He currently serves at various posts for the Alliance Vanguard (currently reinstated to the Ironforge Army), and is due to begin a tour with the Skybreaker in preparation for forming an Alliance Air Calvalry unit.


Coming Soon.

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