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D'Andewel Melias Polarri
Andewel pic1
Guild None
Title Scholar of Flame
Nicknames Dew, Dewy, Dewel, Andy (humans)
Game Name Andewel
Class Mage
Race Draenei
Gender Male
Age 29
Height 7'8" (233.68cm)
Weight 386 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Glowing Blue
Skin Color Light Blue
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professions Jewelcrafting/Mining

Detailed DescriptionEdit

Although taller than average for his race, D'Andewel is by far no giant amongst his kind. He is, however, a large, statuesque figure considering his chosen profession. His skin is a nearly translucent, light blue -- about as light as his race is known to get. His hair is almost uniformly white, with odd, grayish-blue strands interspersed sporadically, and held back with a leather strap in a tail that falls to just above his shoulders. Two cranial tendrils, heavily decorated with leather circlets and brass rings, are held up by this hairstyle. Another single tendril trails down from his chin to the center of his chest, equally decorated, and ringed on all sides by trailing hairs around his mouth.

His face is slightly scarred, a half-circle of what looks like burn scar around the top of his left eye -- smoothed, with an unusual sheen. The eye itself, like its neighbor, glows with the natural blue light of most Draenei. These eyes often present a rather stoic and often unchanging demeanor.

Of note about his standard mode of dress: he is never found without gloves.


D'Andewel is known for his silence -- not shocking considering he is a student of the House of Silence amongst the former Magi Guilds. He is not incapable of speech, mind... he simply does not waste words, especially in combat. Of those who know him who are unaware of his House of studies, this may come across as true stoicism.

Of course, beneath is a sly wit, tempered as always by the Light, but sharp in a way that seeks to avoid causing pain in the focus.

D'Andewel is quick to befriend, but slow to place full trust in others not of his House, especially these strange other races he has encountered.


Before the CrashEdit


Waking upEdit


Coming to NoticeEdit


Helping the IronforgeEdit




Views of Other RacesEdit

Alliance RacesEdit

Although much of their outgoing, boisterous attitudes tend to grate against his senses, their sense of honor and mysterious origins have at least led him to seek them out once he left Asuremyst Isle, as did the Ironforge Clan's proximity to the home of the Gnomes. Although perhaps tending to shy away from them in a social setting, Andewel would much rather seek out friendship with a dwarf than an elf.
These diminutive denizens of the Alliance-controlled territories have caught the attention and approval of the mage. It was in fact the chance meeting of a gnome in Darnassus who befriended him, and told him of her people's plight. D'Andewel feels a kinship with the Gnomes, who, like him, lost their ancestral home.
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Horde RacesEdit

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Blood Elves
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OCC Player InformationEdit

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