Character Biography Edit

Basic Biography Edit

Nickname: Anny

Race: Human

Age: 21

Class: Mage

Birthplace: Capital City, Lordaeron

Current Home: Ironforge, the Mystic Ward

Affiliated with: The Golden Veil

Professions: Trainee Companion, Magus-in-Training, Scribe, and Wandering Bard

Appearance: A long and lanky man, he has a certain air of femininity to his features. A lightened skin-tone and burnt-red hair are his most prominent features, though his alluring crystal-blue eyes are rather lovely. He wears his hair in a ponytail, typically, but sometimes it falls lightly on his shoulders.

Character History Edit

Birth Edit

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A Sudden Change Edit

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Life on the Peak Edit

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The Escape Edit

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The Journey to Ironforge Edit

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To Stormwind, and Home? Edit

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Dissension Edit

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A Sinister Side Edit

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