Early LifeEdit

Arrien was born to a fisherman in Northdale, on the outskirts of the city of Stratholme, approximately seventeen years prior to the Third War. At a young age, she exhibited signs of potential in the arts of magic, and draw attention from the mages of Dalaran. When she turned ten, the mages sent a Quel'dorei named Selessa to tutor Arrien in the arcane arts. Her powers grew fairly quickly, although she was always hindered by a feeling of self-doubt.

Shortly before her seventeenth birthday, the Plague came to the lands of Lordaeron, wiping out most human life. Arrien's family fell victim to plagued grain, and the young mage only escaped this fate and the fate of being slaughtered during the "cleansing" enforced by Arthas's men eith the aid of Selessa. The elder mage teleported her apprentice away to a Kirin Tor sailing ship captained by Captain Belnast, an old friend of Selessa, and asked the captain to watch over her young charge. Belnast complied, albeit rather grudgingly.

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