Basic Information Edit

  • Full Name: Asharaina Starblade
  • In-Game: Asharaina
  • Nickname: Ash
  • Loyalties: The Sentinels, pretty much it.
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Class: Warrior
  • Professions: Mining and Blacksmithing (although she slacks and creates inferior products...)
  • Age: 239
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Long, emerald hair that spills over her shoulders, resting just a little bit abouve her waist.
  • Eyes: As with most Night Elves, a glowy color... it's like a blue glow though.
  • Height: 6' 5"

Physical DescriptionEdit

Asharaina is essentially an average looking Night Elf, nothing special about her figure except for several scars on her body. The two most notable are the ones along her neck, two in total. The first one runs from her left shoulder to the very edge of her jaw, the second runs almost straight vertically down her neck, this one unknown to her as how she got it. Oh! Also, her ears start to twitch lightly when she's excited.

Standard AttireEdit

Her normal wear is her battle gear. A mass of plates and chain. The normal color of it is silver, with trims of tan and gold laced along the entirety. She is the most comfortable in this as that is the only thing that makes her feel truly safe and secure in her own world.
When she is almost forced to wear something else, she contents herself with wearing an all crimson outfit picked out for her by a close friend, the silk tending to show off her womanly assets more than she would like.
There is one thing she always carries with her, be it in a pocket or a pouch: An emblem of the Syndicate. The reason she does is unknown to her, just a trinket she carries about.

The PastEdit

Asharaina's past is shrouded in a veil to herself, only a handful of people knowing what actually happened. She lost her memory approximately three years ago, and has never been able to recall exactly why. The only thing she can remember about the moment she lost her memory is the Syndicate, and she is always on the look for more clues, even in the line of duty.

Her Life NowEdit

Asharaina is pretty much a submissive person in anything she does. She almost never likes to choose things for herself (hence joining the ranks of the Sentinels). She is most happy when she is ordered around, doing most anything for her superiors. Other than that, her life is extremely dull. When sitting alone wih nothing to do, she never actively makes an effort to try and have fun or anything of the nature. She needs structure all the time, every second of her life.

(Yes, incomplete as heck, but still up now!)

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