The Darkfizzle Family

Avidius is the son of Marixserin and Rigley Darkfizzle. He was kind and very intelligent. However, intense pressure from his family began to drive him into a crazed despair.

When Marixserin and Reviler had their children, they had many enemies in the world. They both decided it would be best for the kids to send them to Ironforge to grow up, away from them, and away from danger. However, this left a deep grudge in Avidius' twin sister, Riely. She did not accept her parents when they brought their kids back to live with them at the age of nine. Though they tried to live happily with their parents, problems always seemed to come up. But for a short while, they were happy in Goldshire, often sitting upon the "Darkfizzle" fence. However, unavoidable arguments erupted between the parents and the unstable family began to fall apart. Before long, Marixserin left the family, and was not heard from again.

Avidius was driven mad and drowned himself in Crystal Lake by sheer will alone. Three days later, his corpse was found, half-eaten by murlocs. His remains were burned and his ashes spread in the moonwell in the Park District of Stormwind City. That was the end of Avidius.


Wait, which is Avidius?


I think its that one with the dumb haircut.


Yeah. This one. Seriously, no wonder he drowned himself.

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