Candace Hilton
Guild Portent Alliance
Title none
Nicknames none
Game Name Candace
Class Warlock
Race Forsaken
Gender Female
Age Assumed 40
Height 5'8"
Weight 80lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color no eyes
Skin Color rotting
Alignment True Natural
Professions Tailor

Name: Candace Hilton. Never Candy, never Dacy. Call her anything short of Candace or Ms. Hilton and she might break a foot off in your behind, literally.

Hometown: Brill

Profession: Tailoring. She makes fancy robes for the vain and practical clothes for practical prices. While she has no eyes, she uses her demon to see for her.

Likes: Solitude, Mushrooms, Walking

Dislikes: Almost everyone she has ever met, loud noises, being rushed, fake people, her imp and the way linen feels on her fingers

Goals and Motives: Her goal is to be as grumpy as she can, her motive is to drive everyone away.

Hobbies and Talents: She likes to walk, she likes the solitude of long slow strolls to no where special. She is very talented with anything she does with her hands.

Brief Physical DescriptionEdit

She was pretty once but even the pretty are not immune to rot. Most notable are her lack of eyes and the scratches that cross her empty sockets that match finger marks. Her jaw has been ripped off and then later replaced leaving the bone bare. Her hair is in pigtails because, at some point, her succubus decided she needed a new look.

Though she is BLIND she can SEE, but only though the eyes of her summons. If her minion is not out she is at a great disadvantage but is not helpless.


She was beautiful in life and every bit shallow for it. She chose her half elven husband because she thought he was worthy of her. She never knew what love felt like until the day her daughter was born. She doted on her little girl, giving her everything, and she had 5 magnificent years with her before Candace fell ill. She had died in her own bed after her husband had already died in the war and so much of the kingdom had been ravaged by the plague. Unfortunately her little girl was with her when she awoke, no longer the loving mother she was before. For a brief moment she had a spark of sanity, however it came as her hands were digging into the soft belly of her daughter's ravaged corpse. It was the last she saw because in her grief she ripped out her own eyes before blindly following her new master's will.

After she was given freedom she took up dark magic and took to following the Cult of The Forgotten Shadow. For a while she was happy with dallying around in Brill, though recently she has grown restless and her craving to do SOMETHING has caused her to finally venture out of her own self pity to fight.

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