Guild Eternal Vigilance
Title (none)
Nicknames Cass and Cassi
Game Name Cassiopae
Class Warlock
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'6"
Weight 128 lbs.
Hair Color Golden blonde
Eye Color Deep emerald green
Skin Color Warm peach
Alignment Lawful Evil
Professions Tailoring and Enchanting

Full Name: Cassiopae Meredith LeSalle

Physical DescriptionEdit

Golden-hair, ruby lips, emerald eyes, a well-proportioned figure that brings her plenty of second glances and catcalls. However, she pays those little heed, her eyes generally seeming to be focused elsewhere When she does seem more aware, there's nothing else extraordinary or notable about her.

Her clothing is hand-made, of the finest quality she can produce, though style, cut, and color apparently mean little to her based on the varying color combinations she has been seen in. Most of her clothing bears signs of magical infusions, even a pair of serviceable rings on her right hand glowing faintly with a magical aura.

At her side is a tiny white kitten she calls Hamied and always at least one of her minions: Barvhug, Nimrah, Thoolum, or Quzpep. Barvhug, the voidwalker, usually shadows her closely or stands completely still within the same room or area watching her intently. Quzpep, the imp, runs and leaps about, his phase shifting allowing him to zip right through furniture, seldom standing still even at her side. Nimrah, the succubus, tends to wander about in a broader radius, exploring rooms or behind trees in the general vicinity, exhibiting the usual mannerisms but demonstrating no marked interest in other persons unless they interact with her mistress. Thoolum, the felhunter, is most often at her side recently, always on alert but not moving unless she does.


Friendly enough when approached. Generally very proper in her behavior, such as her tendency to curtsey and offer her full name, but less proper in her comments and dress-code. Often seeming to be distracted, her eyes not always focused unless she is specifically giving her attention to someone. On rare occasions, she will faintly gesture or nod while in those phases.


Her parents were killed when she was young and she found herself bounced around their extended family. Each did their time, then sent her on, more concerned with the material needs of their own children than the emotional needs of a niece with no money to her name. Finally, the most selfish chose to ship her off to the black sheep of the family, an uncle who was known for dabbling in demonology, but who was unlikely to be willing enough to pay to ship her back. Lacking other companions, she befriended to some minor degree the two demons he'd managed to call forth. Life passed uneventfully until one day she emerged from their house with a voidwalker and imp at her side, headed out of town toward Stormwind and never looked back. Her uncle was never seen again and the small house was rumored to be haunted afterward.

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