Coralie Molsen Korsaire
Guild Stormwraiths
Title N/A
Nicknames Cor, Cora, Corie
Game Name Coralie
Class Rogue
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 23
Height 5'7"
Weight She'd never tell! Slim.
Hair Color Shoulder-length, black
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Pale, prone to burning
Professions Enchanting, Skinning

Birthplace Edit

Westfall, the Molsen farm.

Occupation Edit

One-time SI:7 agent, currently "on leave."

Physical Appearance Edit

Coralie is tall, rangy and lean (approximately 5'7"). She has shoulder-length black hair normally worn loose, emerald green eyes, and is quick to offer a crooked grin. She's quite pale, and (to her intense frustration) tends to burn immediately, rather than tanning - a major setback for a farmer's daughter.

Personality Edit

Coralie is odd for a rogue. She is sweet, naive, and guileless, loyal nearly to a fault, and quick to offer trust and friendship, as she naturally assumes the best of all she meets. On the other hand, when she is 'on' she's a very convincing liar, can change personas like a chameleon, and has near-preternatural skill with almost every sort of weapon available in Azeroth - these last few traits thanks to the rigorous training practices of SI:7.

Other Notes Edit

Fair to good skill sketching (useful in preparing dossiers), excellent skills in picking locks and brewing poisons (the latter being something she despises), Coralie's favored fighting style varies from picking the right moment for a vicious assault from the shadows (former, beloved Subtlety spec) to all-out no-holds-barred full-frontal assault (Combat, oh yeah!). Was once stalked and attacked by a former love interest; now happily married to Barlowe Korsaire, whom she helps to run the guild Stormwraiths.

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