Daeshi is a troll warrior, trained as a guardian and bodyguard.

Guild Chronicles
Title Guardian
Nicknames none
Game Name Daeshi
Class Warrior
Race Troll
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue-black
Eye Color
Skin Color Blue
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Professions Mining, Engineering

Physical DescriptionEdit

Daeshi is tall and strong, most often seen with her hair styled in a stiff warrior's crest. Long braids hang over her shoulders and down her back. She rarely bothers with tribal adornments, such as feathers, beads, and bones, or with jewelry.

Her mixed heritage is apparent in her facial features, which are sculpted and classic Zandalar, and her skin, which is Darkspear blue.

When working, she often carries a ceremonial mace given to her when she was assigned to bodyguard the Zandalari ambassador to the Horde.


Daeshi wants nothing more than to explore the world and discover her Darkspear heritage, though she is most content with a purpose, such as serving as a bodyguard. Wandering as a mercenary makes her feel discontent and restless, like she needs to find a purpose.

She is very well-spoken, without a hint of accent to her Orcish. She's less familiar with the trollish dialect spoken by the Darkspear tribe, since she had little practice with the language after her mother left. She speaks the Zandalari dialect fluently.

Daeshi is learning to control her inner rage. If provoked, threatened, or endangered, there is a chance that she will lose control and blank out on what she does, until the threat is ended.


Her mother was a Darkspear troll who chose a Zandalari troll as her mate. Her mother left while Daeshi was still young, leaving Daeshi in the care of her father.

Showing an aptitude for battle, Daeshi was taught the arts of war. Eventually she entered the service of the Zandalar tribe as a bodyguard. She served the Zanadalar ambassador to the Horde, Zin'jali, until he returned to the jungle. He released her from service to go discover her Darkspear heritage.


You What?!

The story of Daeshi's service to Ambassador Zin'jali of the Zandalar tribe and her meeting with Zin'jari the voodoo shamaness.

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