Dendaboo Whistlegauge
Warlock Gnome Female
Guild Whitewind
Title Novice Warlock
Nicknames Dendy, Boo, Mouse
Game Name Dendaboo
Class Warlock
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Age 22
Height 3'2"
Weight 34 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Pale tan
Alignment Neutral
Professions Tailoring, Enchanting

Physical DescriptionEdit

With nothing very remarkable about her, Dendy could be considered rather plain to most observers. Her face bears no striking features. Her hair is an unkempt mass of dusty brown strands atop her head. Even her figure bears none of the curves that women of her race commonly develop.

No. She's simply mousy little Dendaboo...

Dendy learned long ago that most fashions cut for gnomish women tend to hang on her like potato sacks, so she's learned to create her own clothing. She opts for utilitarian shirts and pants most days, simple articles that are easy to mend or replace.

There is often a profound sadness lurking in her green eyes.


Normally quiet and reserved, Dendaboo is happiest in the background. She’s something of a wallflower, always lurking on the fringes and rarely an active part in what’s going around her. Dendy really only comes out of her shell on the rare occasions she drinks a little too much wine.

Dendy possesses a keenly analytical mind, and a great love for solving problems. She often plays complex word or number games in her spare time while sewing or researching. She’s also a fairly accomplished artist, though she’s never quick to brag or show off her work. Dendaboo has a photographic memory in regards to people, places and objects and can sketch a portrait or landscape simply by recalling it.

Secretly, Dendaboo wishes to be a part of something larger. She hates her reserved nature and is looking for a chance to shed this part of herself.



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