Durgrim Fellstone
Warrior Dwarf Male
Guild Whitewind
Title Retired Guardsman
Nicknames Durg, Ugly Bastard
Game Name Durgrim
Class Warrior
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Age Human equivalent of 43
Height 4'10"
Weight 250 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Earthy Tan
Alignment Neutral Good
Professions Mining, Blacksmithing

Physical DescriptionEdit

Durgrim might have been considered attractive once, but years of hard living and countless battles have left his features scarred and ugly. Countless old cut, gouges, and scrapes cross Durg's craggy face. Most prominent among these is a pair of ugly purple claw marks that descend from the top of his head, across his right eye, over his lips and ending at his left jaw. These scars force his right eye into a permanent squint and curl his mouth into a sour expression that even the happiest times can't erase. His nose is quite bulbous and is covered in tiny spidery veins caused by too much drinking.

Durgrim shaves his head, save for a long fringe which he braids into a plait down his back. His hair and beard are frequently singed by stray forge sparks. Durg's beard and moustache are cut to a medium length in a utilitarian style common among the Ironforge soldiers. He dresses similarly, in inexpensive and simple clothing colored in earthtones.

Durg keeps his armor and weapons in top condition at all times, a habit from his guardsman days. He favors the axe in combat, and is equally proficient in both one and two-handed varieties.




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