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Game Name Ebrik
Class Mage
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Age Ageless
Height 5'7"
Weight 90 lbs
Hair Color Dark Purplish
Eye Color Tiny points of blue-grey light
Skin Color Pale
Alignment Vile
Professions Tailor/Enchantor

Basic InformationEdit

  • Full Name: Ebrik Lorre
  • Guild: None
  • Race: Undead Human
  • Age: 20 at time of death, his corpse lay buried in the peat bogs of Duskwallow for decades if not centuries before it was found and reanimated.
  • Class: Mage
  • Professions: Tailor/Enchanter


Ebrik has earned his title as "The Wanderer". He has no real connection to people, living or dead. He retains much memory of his life as a man and returned to life wanting fiery revenge.


In life, Ebrik was a traveling merchant who dabbled in arcane magics. He was believed to be a spy and executed, then thrown out into the marsh. The tiny spark of magic which remained within him kept him in a state where he could be revived with the proper spells. Those spells were cast, and Ebrik joined the ranks of the Forsaken, becoming a mercenery of magic. His fury is endless, his will unbreakable. In recent times, Ebrik chose to forsake the forsaken, traveling through the portal at Death's Door, leaving Outlands, Azaroth, and everything he ever know, loved, and lost far behind.

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