Welcome to the Excalibur wiki. We're a guild located on the Sentinels server.

Guild InformationEdit

Guild Mistress: Ansellia

Senior Council Officers: Aceses, Baldee, Eror, Felgan, Freezrburn, Lorinara, Phuuna, Rumseanna, Rumshammer and Sylentdeath

Guild Focus: Casual and Social, 10 man raiding

About ExcaliburEdit

We're laid back, family friendly and full of awesome people. We schedule 10 man raids once per week, sometimes more. Our current Raid Times are 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm server time, day of the week varies. There are typically guildies grouping together to hit 5 mans most evenings. We don't do DKP but instead use basic Main Spec, Off Spec, DE loot rules. Check out our website if this sounds like a good fit for you.


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