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Contacts: Thallia, Snag, Timeus
Application: Website Application
Requirements: Level 25+
Guild Focus: Roleplay (Heavy)
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Firewind is a community found on Theramore Isle, with a focus in commercial gain. While appearing as a merchantile colony, the members within the organization appear more social and friendly with no apparent desire for economic gain. The highest concentration of members can be found on Wednsday evenings.

Firewind is currently ruled under a Matriarch, with a co-chair and a single council member. Firewind also houses one ambassador for their public ventures. There is no clear subdivisions found within the group, and they all seem to focus on the same venture to various degrees.


Firewind began as a response to the disbanding of the guild Convocation, with many of the founding and early members Firewind being from Convocation. With rumors and whispers among members, a group of Convocation members had gotten together and planned what would happen if, and when, Convocation disbanded.

It was Thallia, upon a chance meeting with Tandor, who organized the former members of Convocation to Theramore Isle. With the organizational skills from Thallia, and the financial backing of Tandor, Firewind was born as a mercantile community within Theramore's walls.

Important EventsEdit


Guild Founding
Please see "History"

Present or FutureEdit


Notable MembersEdit

Thallia : Founder of Firewind
Tandor : Former co-founder of Firewind
Snag : Current chair to Matriarch
Timeus : Current Council member
Zaf : Current Ambassador

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