Folami Moonstalker
Guild Firewind
Title None
Nicknames Fol
Game Name Folami
Class Druid
Race Night Elf
Gender Male
Age 427
Height 7'
Weight 267
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Gold
Skin Color Light Purple
Alignment True Neutral
Professions Tailoring and Leatherworking

Physical DescriptionEdit

Folami carries no distinguishing characteristics to seperate him from other Night Elves.


Folami is zealous of the Druidic way and it pains him a great deal to see Azeroth suffer, especially from the Burning Legion and the Scourge. However, he tries to present a pleasant demeanor to those around him.

Folami believes himself to be a generous soul and would not try to go out of his way to slight anyone, unless they are a threat to Azeroth. Otherwise, he believes that life should prosper. He kills out of neccessity, not for game.

Recently, Folami has become more withdrawn and appears to carry slight resentment towards any non-Night Elf race. He has not actually voiced any hostilities, however, save for a few minor remarks of Human and Dwarven architect and way of life. More commonly, he has resorted to speaking in Darnassian and will seldom speak in Common.


When Folami began venturing outside of Darnassus, he soon attempted to establish a new order for Night Elf Druids, outside the reign of Archdriuid Fandral Staghelm. Several druids joined this organization, but it disbanded when there grew strong suspicion from Stanghelm. Instead, these druids remained close through whispered contact. When the whispers died down, for one reason or another, Folami thought it best to stop all contact.

At that point, Folami roamed Azeroth confused and alone. Wishing to find a home, he soon made contact with the guild Convocation and was welcomed within their ranks. In a desire to prove himself, he donated his time and services to the guild. With his dedication, Folami found himself sitting as a council member within the ranks of Convocation.

This would have its toll on Folami, and eventually he started what would become the disbanding of his new home. While not wishing to be a member of the ruling part of Convocation, he none the less desired for the former members to have a plan and place after the eventual disbanding. He became the bridge that connected the other council members of Convocation with the rest of the guild. To commemorate his loyalty to the members, Folami became a council member of the eventual settlement known as Firewind. He was right back at square one, but promised to stay until Firewind was on its own feet.

This took little time, and Folami felt his body ache. Knowing he would be of little help to Firewind in this state, he took his leave to the Emerald Dream.

Folami has since returned, but has changed. While he still appears friendly, he has become withdrawn and appears to hold Darnassus higher than before. Despite protest, he rarely speaks in Common and chooses to speak his native Darnassian. He tells others that he found he would make better use out of the Emerald Dream, but has remained alone in his actions and requests no help.

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