Gogrimm Shadowwolf
Gorimm Shadowwolf
Guild The Wolf Born
Title The Grim Wolf, Mate of Tambea Swifthoof
Nicknames Grimm
Game Name Gogrimm
Class Hunter
Race Orc
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 6'6
Weight 300 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Olive
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Professions Skinning & Leatherworking

Physical DescriptionEdit

The orc stands strong and proud, he was lankier than most of his kin, which suited his profession as hunter. Though his shoulders were still broad he didn't look as strong as an orc should. The cause of this was his build, lean and slender, like the wolves that accompanied him. His body even seemed to have a thin coat of fur, which made him appear darker than what he truly was. The hair on his head was matted and stained with blood, the only parts that were kept clean and kempt in any fashion were his war-braids, from them hung several decorations(most being wolf claws, bear teeth, and small feathers) the two that brought the most attention were the pendents that hung from the tips, the second being a bright purple Night Elf ear that hung next to one of the pendents. They were of a black wolf howling against a blood red metal back ground, signifying him as a member of a clan. His slender face would of been considered handsome for an orc, if it were not for the multiple scars and flaws caused from fighting. A scar ran down from his hairline on the right side of his head, down to the opposite side, ending at his throat, which sported a blackened scar that looked as if it were a horrible burn at one point. Part of his upper lip was missing, showing his jagged wolf like teeth, his left tusk was snapped in half and cracked down to the root. Several other scars danced across his face in an almost art-like fashion. The one attractive thing about him, were his eyes, they were an unsettling ice blue, which signified a great destiny. His muscular arms too were scarred with cuts, burns, and of course bite marks, these streached down to his hands, which instead of normal fingernails, were armed with black claws, which had been worn by digging and scratching.


More feral than anything, he despises the practice of Fel magic, Elves, and druids. Naturaly agressive and proud like the Alpha Male of a wolf pack, which he tries to immulate.


Feral and enraged from his Clan's desctruction, Gogrimm fled to Winterspring. His only companion at was Iceclaw, the white wolf he and befrinded at an early age. The two lived alone for some time, surviving off of only the Frostsaber's they killed. A wandering war-party of Honor Fallen stumbled across the two eating the carcass of a Night Elf that had strayed into 'thier territory'(more to come...its really late right now)

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