The foggy land of Moore

The House of Moore rules the land of Moore. Moore is an isolated, rarely traveled fiefdom nestled safely between the tall peaks of Silverpine. Covered frequently by fog, it did not see much trouble from the Forsaken. Between Gilneas shutting themselves off, Pyrewood being overrun, the Fall of Lordaeron, and the coming of the Forsaken, the House of Moore had little choice but to stay held up in their mountains. However, unnatural creatures, such as Worgen, pose a more immediate threat. Using their hightened senses, the beasts are able to navigate the mountains and fog, often finding their way to the small villages.

Moore never held a large influence in Silverpine. They had little militaristic power, but maintained itself on a self-sufficient economy. In these troubled times, High Noble Oeric Blackmoore has sent his only remaining child to Stormwind in a last ditch effort to preserve the House of Moore. Little did he know that it might be too little, to late. As the earth trembles in the calm before the Cataclysm, many of the inhabitants fear the collapse of the mountains, and of Moore itself. Strained with Worgen and the danger of avalanches, most of the inhabitants are finding passage to Hillsbrad, or even farther south to Stormwind or Kul Tiras. Oeric seeks to call upon the last of his favors, recruiting young and veteran adventurers alike to aide is waning Kingdom. As one of the House of Moor's Mercenaries and last inhabitants, the duties of the Land fall on your stoic shoulders: To preserve the Land, and preserve the Tranquility of the Kingdom.

Basic Information Edit

The House of Moore is looking for mercenaries and adventurers of all types to join them in their cause. The House contains the known heirs to the seat of Moore, including Annalessia Lilith Blackmoore. The House holds meetings and appointments to discern whether or not the assistance of the applicant would be of help or hinder to the land of Moore. As of late, the heiress has looked more sympatheticly to oddly behaving individuals that seem to favor nocturnal activities, and display aggressive behavior. She, and her siblings, as well as officers, can be reached for interviews.

Family of MooreEdit

History of MooreEdit

Recent ActivityEdit

OOC FactsEdit

  • "The House of Moore" is the name of the in-game guild.
  • The House acts as a Medium-Heavy RP guild.
  • As well as providing a strongly RP-based environment, The House tries to group up future Worgen players in a single location, instead of having them strewn about Sentinels.

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