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Ixnia Windseeker
Guild Ephemerals
Title Last Disciple of Winds
Nicknames Ix
Game Name Ixnia
Class Balance Druid
Race Tauren
Gender Female
Age 55
Height 6'8"
Weight 407 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color N/A
Alignment N/A
Professions Tribal Leatherworking 375/Skinning 375

Physical Description Edit

Ixnia is noticably smaller than the average Tauren. She is completely covered by black fur save for the tribal markings on her face and a pair of white tatoos adorning her forearms. The first is a thin, plain circle. The second is much more elaborate; it is a set of six wavy lines. Three of these lines start tightly together on the left and brach out as they travel to the right. The remaining lines are in an identical formation, but they spread in the opposite direction.

Ixnia is dressed completely in leather armor, and wears a sash over her tabard. This sash is decorated by three symbols. The first is a thin white circle that matches one of her tatoos. The second is a leaf with a paw print on it. The last is a pair of golden lilies set upon a red background.

Stories Edit

The Wind Watcher link title

Ixnia, the Grimtotem title

The Palaver link title

There Would Be No Forgiveness link title

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