Guild Dominion
Title n/a
Nicknames Janssen
Game Name Janssen
Class Priest
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Age 27
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color n/a
Skin Color n/a
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professions n/a
  • Name: Janssen
  • Race: undead
  • Gender: male
  • Age: 27
  • Class: priest
  • Occupation: frontlines horde preservation
  • Languages: gutterspeak
  • Alignment: chaotic good
  • Physical description: boney
  • Skills: holy/shadow
  • Combat Tactics: subtlety
  • Phobias and Weaknesses: paladins
  • Pet Peeves: mistaking poor team work as healing failure
  • Special Possessions: n/a
  • Origin: Silverpine


Innately peaceable wishing to establish regularity in the lives of those closest to him by providing guidance, council, and healing. Through personal tragedy and naivety he has headed down a road that is fostering a new hidden persona that surfaces in the face of adversity and feelings of helplessness. Tis brothers in arms receive the benefits of his holy skills; his enemies receive the shadowy wrath born of sadness and frustration. a doctor and a death dealer, reborn in form, as a phoenix.

  • Taken directly from Sentinels:Forum, if this is your character please claim him.

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