Jessalyn Shimmersong Edit

Age: 25 (in human years)
Class: Warlock
Race: Sin'dorei
Alignment: Unknown
Jessalyn was the adopted warlock sister of Marissa Shimmersong and Orlia Shimmersong. Septina Shimmersong raised Jessalyn from the time she was around the age of five years old (in human years). Snarky and not the most social of girls, Jessalyn was rather fond of fel magic and used it quite often. The closest person to her was Marissa. The two practiced their fel magic together and kept each other safe from harm, until Jessalyn went on to marry a man named Davan. Davan and Jessalyn are the biological parents of Amiak Sunfury. Her death was caused by the infinite dragonflight while she and her sister were on an errand in the Caverns of Time. Why the dragons specifically targeted Jessalyn is currently unknown. Marissa is working tirelessly trying to uncover the mystery surrounding her sister's death. Marissa was the only person to witness her horrific death and has not forgiven herself for not being able to aid her. While she doesn't blame herself for her death, she is still overcome with grief and this often plays on Marissa's emotions, causing her to snap in and out of reality on a regular basis.
Jessalyn is currently buried next to the Scarlet Monestary, though no one knows quite why. 2006748396 6b65707385

Jessalyn as Part of Aephid's Task Edit

As part of her task to enter the Symphony as a full fledged singer, Jyrunai used Jessalyn against her. Jyrunai Sol'aria gave Marissa a choice with a time limit: Using the soul shard of her deceased sister, he summoned a demon. Her choice was to either sacrifice herself and save her sister's soul, or kill her sister and save the lives of thousands of her own people. In the end, Marissa chose her own people.
Marissa: Do you know how I knew that you really didn't have Jess' soul shard? You used positive adjectives to describe the soul shard in your hand. They didn't sound like my sister at all.
Jyrunai: I thought as much.

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