Basic InformationEdit

  • Name: Maestro Jyrunai Sol'aria
  • Guild: Symphony of Eternity
  • Race: Sin'dorei
  • Class: Warlock
  • Professions: Master Engineer, Miner

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Age: 33 years
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Fel green

Jyrunai is a bit lithe, but holds no other particularly striking traits in comparison to other male blood elves. In fact, the only unique feature to his outward appearence is a piece of silken string he keeps tied in his left forelock at all times.


Jyrunai seems to be perpetually amused by the world around him, or lost to some tune stuck in his head. Due to this, he can often be seen or heard humming to no one in particular. In terms of beliefs, Jyrunai is fiercely loyal to his kind and the cause of protecting and aiding Sin'dorei interests both in Azeroth and Outland. This patriotism has only increased since his investure into the Farstriders, as a Ranger-Captain of a newly established unit titled "Raven's Flight", which is rumored to be conducting operations aimed at the upcoming offensive on Sunwell Isle.


Jyrunai was born to commoner parents and lived much of his life within the outer reaches of Quel'thalas. His mother was a painter of some note, and his father was the latest in a long line of composers dedicated to filling the city with song.

During the Scourge Invasion, Jyrunai and his family became separated from a host of refugees and found themselves lost and disoriented in the eastern reaches of the forest. They were set upon by the Amani Trolls and captured. Ranger Krenn'an is recorded as being the one to find Jyrunai alone in the woods weeks later. His parents had not survived, and Jyrunai would not relate the tale of what had occured during their imprisonment.

Shortly after, Jyrunai departed his ravaged homeland and took up residence and training with Ravenholdt. He learned and plied his trade there at their direction until learning that operations were under way to reclaim Silvermoon and the forests he had once called home. He was charged as a go between for whatever governing function arose in Quel'thalas and his employers at Ravenholdt Manor.

The specifics of Jyrunai's past till present remain sketchy at best. what is known currently is that he was one of the founders of the guild "Symphony of Eternity" ( a group dedicated to improving the lives of the Sin'dorei and securing a bright future), has recently wed the Lady Medelitha Silversong, and has been recruited by the Farstriders contingent of the Rangers of Quel'thalas, where he has the rank of Ranger-Captain over a newly dedicated unit.

However, due to his abilities with fel magics having been returned to him, he has stepped down from his position within the Farstriders to further persue the magic arts that were once stripped from him.



Masked Music - Jyrunai and Medelitha Sol'aria - by Kchan Reynolds


Chibi Jyr by Malis

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