"Kalu" by Sheridan Wharton

Seer Kalu'luwa DeadeyesEdit

Nicknames: Kalu
Race: Troll
Age: 19
Class: Shaman
Professions: Enchanter
Affiliations: Darkspear Tribe

Appearance: This troll has a body covered in thick sinew and muscle. Various scars mar his blue skin. Fierce, would be a good word to describe his figure. His face paint makes him look almost skeletal, dark circles around ruby red eyes making them deep set. Several small bones pierce through his left eyebrow. Various rings and bones also pierce along both of his ears. A few strings of what appear to be teeth and fingers hang about his neck. Shamanistic symbols have been carved along both of his tusks. He has multiple tattoos: dark swirling tribal circles on each shoulder, and skeletal markings that cover both his hands and his abdomen where his ribs lie. His hair is shaggy on top, and falls into multiple dreadlocks.




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