Name: Katarina DeVries

Age: 25

Nicknames: Kat, KittyKat

Race: Human

Class: Priestess

Birthplace: not sure

Physical Appearance: Kat is about 5'2, with blue eyes, and red hair that she like to keep up in a bun, though it generally tries to escape as much as possible. She wishes to be slender occasionally, but more often than not she is pleased and content with her curvy figure. She has golden skin, and loves her feet. Due to complications involving a dark mage and Leileu, on her right arm and hand the veins are a brilliant gold, as though they have been traced with a softly glowing paint. She tries to keep it covered as much as possible.

Home now: The Stormwraith's encampment is where Kat normally stays though she has been traveling quite a bit due to the needs the Priory has placed on her recently.

Personality: Kat tries to be hard and stoic; but she usually ends up showing her softer side when a friend is hurt or in need. She is a good healer and often can feel a lessened version of her patient's pain, this last being an excellent skill that she uses to ensure her patient is well and truly healed.

How she came to be a Stormwraith: Kat is a Priestess Acolyte of the High Mountain Order; a priory in Kalimdor. She was given to the priory by her parents when she was very young, only about 2 to 3 years old. Her healing skills were discovered when she was fairly young and she immediately began training them.

When Kat was 16 she was gathering herbs in the forest outside the Priory when a undead rogue by the name of Maxamous happened upon her. Using all his skill, as well as spells gifted to him by a dark mage, he was able to manipulate Kat's mind into believing he was a good soul. Thusly he was able to lure her away from the Priory to his home in Durotar. With the help of several dark mages he was able to break her in body and mind.

After placing countless spells on her, she was sent back to the Alliance to act as a spy for the Horde. After wandering for several years, her bonds loosened and she was finally able to think for herself again. Horrified by what she was doing, she made her way to Stormwind, and attempted to warn the citizens of the danger they were in.

When no one would heed her, she decided to take her own life. Making her way to the Valley of Kings, she jumped in, attempting to drown herself. Barlowe Korsaire, having chanced to overhear what she was saying, followed her to the Valley and saw her jump. He jumped in after her, and saved her life. He then offered her a home with the Stormwraiths, and she has been there ever since.[[Category: ]]

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