Khalis son of Grigor
Guild Risen
Title ArchMage of Risen
Nicknames Floortank
Game Name Khalis
Class Mage
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 34
Height 5'11"
Weight Athletic
Hair Color Black Monk's fringe
Eye Color Dark
Skin Color Dark
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professions Master Tailor, and Enchanter

Personality Edit

In groups (Instances), I'm calm, and extremely protective of healing classes. In factional fights (PvP), I'm a loose cannon that lives every second to see the end of my enemies, without regard to my own health and well being. I fight honorably, but in the end, one of us will welcome death.

Skills Edit

First and foremost, I'm a bag maker. This is my primary occupation. Rarely can you find a day when my Netherweave, or Runecloth bags aren't on the Alliance auction house.

I'm also an Enchanter. In my spare time, I search for the best enchants that can be found.

Combat Tactics Edit

I primarily use fire talents, but I'm not totally dependent on them. I can hold my own when the fight calls for frost. In groups (Instances), I'm methodical, and scientific. I cross train with Warriors to get the ultimate amount of damage without making their job any harder than it has to be. My first priority is always to keep the healers safe, and crowd control, then damage last. In factional disputes (PvP) instant is king. I do the most amount of damage to the most amount of enemies in the least amount of time. When I begin a fight, I don't expect to get healed, rather I expect to get resurrected.

Phobias and Weaknesses Edit

I'm constantly paranoid that someone is going to unexpectedly show up behind me and start jamming his/her knife in my back before I can do anything about it. I'm also repulsed when I see what used to be a human consuming the flesh of a freshly dead body.

Pet Peeves Edit

Those that enjoy the trappings of victory without ever putting them selves in peril of defeat. Spitting, or /chicken without being willing to fight is perfect example.

Special Possessions Edit

Freezing Band that was given to me by one of my favorite healers Eluned.

History Edit

The Origin Of Khails
The Battle For Halaa
All Hellfire Breaks Loose
Coscia's Diary

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