Stormwind (aka Kingdom of Stormwind, or Nation of Stormwind) is a human city-state in the southern Eastern Kingdoms on the continent of Azeroth. The kingdom was the ruling nation and region within the Kingdom of Azeroth1, one of the original Seven Kingdoms that split from the nation of ArathorA.

The kingdom is a city-state within the continent of Azeroth. The Stormwind region does not go much beyond the boundaries of the Stormwind City itself, it begins at the Valley of Heroes, and extends into the mountains north of Stormwind City. Stormwind City, stands firm on Azeroth’s northwest coast, it is the capital of Stormwind and the last of the great human cities. Stormwind firmly backs the Alliance, and its knights, priests, paladins and mages served in the three wars against the Horde. Primarily a human settlement, a fair number of high elves, Ironforge dwarves, and even a few night elves and gnomes dwell here as well. Stormwind still exists as the strongest unified human force in the world, but enemies and wilderness now surround it. Stormwind holds out on the west coast. Stormwind's territory extends to control or influence other regions including Elwynn Forest (including Northshire Valley), the Redridge Mountains, and Duskwood (though they each have their own democratic governments). Westfall currently exists in a state of anarchy and is currently independent though was once part of Stormwind and Azeroth's territory.


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