Konnyr Edit

Konnyr Fenrir is the aspect of Lust. Not so much sexual, but Lust for all things. War, Death, Sex, Power, Wealth, anything that can be desired, he wants it. All of it. He was once overheard by a survivor speaking to their mayor, who asked him why he killed everyone in their village, and what did he want. His response, "The world, worm, and everything in it." He was approached by Sulphuras because of his insatiable Lust. She saw in him a staunch ally who would not oppose her ascent to the Lich Kings throne, as long as she let him do as he pleased. He has no desire to rule. He despises politics. Having no memories of who he was when he was alive, he has brief flashbacks on occasion, should he come across someone he knew, or a situation similar to one he encountered when he was alive. He relishes his new immortality, testing it to the extremes it can go. He is an unmatched in combat, using his new dark powers to their full extent, and is not above cheating. He strives to make others think he is, at best, a sexual deviant, and at worst an imbecile. He does not let on that he actually is a very careful planner. He plans ten steps ahead on everyones part, however, due to his natural anarchistic nature, once he discovers the best possible outcome, and the worst, he flips a coin, knowing that regardless of the decision, he will survive it.

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