Guild N/A
Title N/A
Nicknames Kori
Game Name Korialthius
Class Rogue
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Age Elvish 20's, as he puts it
Height 5' 8"
Weight 150
Hair Color Silvery Black
Eye Color Lime Green
Skin Color Light
Alignment Neutral
Professions Leatherworker, Skinner

((This is a work in progress. Please check back as more information is added.))

Korialthius is a Blood Elf rogue.


As a citizen of Silvermoon City, Korialthius is like most blood elves and typically proud of his city.

Pre-World of WarcraftEdit

Currently keeping it a well kept secret. ((A/N: Will be added later, promise!~))

In World of WarcraftEdit


Korialthius is the kind of guy that seems to know anyone and everyone or at least makes sure it seems that way. He's the guy you see that no matter where he is, he walks like he owns the place and he'd tell you that he, in fact, does. So of course this makes him come off as complete stuck up snob with a superiority complex.

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