Lordaeron was originally one of the Seven Kingdoms that were formed from the human nation of Arathor. During the Second War, Lordaeron became the seat of human power thanks to the political efforts of Lord Anduin Lothar, leading the Alliance of Lordaeron in the aftermath of the first opening of the Dark Portal. The nation was almost entirely consumed by the Scourge during the Third War. Its former territory is now split between the Scourge, the Forsaken, and the few human survivors of the kingdom. It was most pious of the human nations before its annihilation, and a popular place of pilgrimage.

The name of the kingdom, its city, and the continent comes from the three main Alliance races languages here : lorn (in Dwarven), which means "land", daer (in Common), which means "people" and ronae (in Thalassian), which means "peaceful".

Lordaeron was ruled by the House of Menethil prior to its destruction.


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