Luvella (Quel'Dorei)

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Luvella Du Monte'Banc is a Quel'dorei noble, disguised as a human, and a member of the Black Water Explorers, an Alliance entrepreneurial enterprise that serves the crown. She often brings a very pragmatic and direct observation to every situation, sometimes the voice of reason, and sometimes the voice of pessimism. Many members of Blackwater are deferred to for their fields of expertise, and Luvella's strengths lie in teaching, and researching, as well as communication and travel. Her abilities as a mage allow her to ferry countless members to any destination on Azeroth and beyond that they may choose, and despite her cool exterior, she rarely refuses to assist a guild mate.


Luvella hails from estranged and eccentric nobility, from Quel'Danas. Raised in etiquette and educated privately, Luvella was taught to sing and play the harp, as well as to dance. Though Luvella took to her lessons brilliantly, it was always a loveless expression of art and without the luster of joy. As she grew older and her education expanded, she expressed a healthy fascination with magic. While her parents envisioned their only child would become a brilliant Magister, Luvella's academic pursuits were pure and removed from the constraints of titles and privilege.

Expecting great things from Luvella, her mother and father sent her to a private boarding school where she could better focus on her studies. Here she met her long time friend and rival, of a sort, Furina Lórien. Though petty in nature, and at times, even one-sided, their competition with one another was very real. Inanely jealous of Luvella's stunning looks and the attention it garnered, Furina pit herself against the elven mage at every opportunity. She quickly proved that while Luvella was naturally caustic in nature, her wit and ability to defend herself verbally was comparatively lacking.

Despite the barbed conversations they held, the two counted one another the only friends they had in school and relied upon one another for support as much as they plotted behind each others backs.

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