Lyestra, At First Glance Edit

Lyestra is an intimidating woman. Though at 6'7 she is of average height for a Kaldorei, she posses a...forceful personality. A muscular warriors build and perpetually armed state just adds to the effect. Her white hair is kept short and is often untidy, thanks to her helmet and a long standing habit of running her hand through it.

Like most of those who run face-first into combat, Lyestra shows a bit of wear and tear. Most of her scars are randomly scattered and inconsequential, as well as faded by time. Only a few are deep scores of any note, with a few apparent claw marks on her left arm that are all that's occasionally seen. Her nose is slightly crooked from an old break, an affect that on her is almost charming (as much as Lyestra is ever 'charming'). At the end of a hard day you might catch her favoring her left side slightly.

Nitty Gritty Details Edit

Name: Lyestra (formerly Lyestra Shadowbane, but she's dropped the use of her last name)

Age: 847 years old

Height: 6'7

Build: Muscular...for a Kaldorei woman

Occupation: Warrior

Tradeskills: Herbalist and Alchemist

Affiliations: Malakim, and her whims

Hobbies: slaughtering fel orcs and studying herbalism

Family: She's disowned (or been disowned by, it depends on who you ask) nearly all of her blood family, so most of those listed here are those she's chosen as such.

-Bernard "Hazard" Wellbright, her fiance

-Shakta Laughingwind, called sister

-Mourne, called brother as much as Ly hates to admit it, since he seems to come part and parcel with Shakta

-Jamethera Woodswalker, Ly's younger, bastard half-sister

-Illyana Simonov, Jamethera's significant other

-Rajisa Simonov, Illyana's younger sister

-Ambrosine Thalkor, Rajisa's significant other, also former Malakim

Quotes Edit

"Elune's tits!"

"I'm going to end you, woman!" (Usually directed at Shakta)

"Shut it or I'll stab you in the face."

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