Mordagen De'Uden is the main figure head of House De'Uden and the younger brother to Vajine De'Uden and also a cousin to Sathel Sunstriker, Tyranithos Sunstriker and Kanei De'Uden.

Basic Information Edit

  • Name: Mordagen De'Uden
  • House: House De'Uden
  • Titles: The Merc, Mercenary
  • Age: 21 (in Human years)
  • Race: Quel'dorei
  • Class: Rogue
  • Professions: Skinner, Herbalist
WoWScrnShot 053008 021738

Mordagen vanishing.

Personality Edit

Mordagen is a recovering alcoholic. His moods can go from playful to angry with one wrong comment. Mordagen knows when he isn't wanted in a conversation and hangs around to make it uncomfortable. He has an undying loyalty to his family, friends, and people and a loyalty of convenience for the Horde. He treats them with respect but he knows they don't want his race there. Very few ever get to know the real Mordagen. Multiple incidents of being mistreated has caused him to set up many defense mechanisms in his personality.

Gadgets Edit

Mord's extra gadgets and weapons: a metallic spike on the back of each forearm that with a flick of the wrist swings around for mountain climbing (or neck stabbing), also in each boot a spike is hidden but is used for mountain climbing (or stabbing), a grappling hook gun is on his belt, a sawed off elekk gun is slung around his back, 4 bone daggers are on each shoulder, 3 throwing knives are on each leg, and finally a dagger sheathed at each hip.

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