Guild [[Broken Pact]]
Title The Defiled
Nicknames Nephi
Game Name Broken Pact
Class Dark Paladin
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height 6'5"
Weight 182
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Skin Color Dark Purple
Alignment Evil
Professions N/A

Character Description Edit

The Draenei before you is of dark purple completion, horns waving back along her near black hair. This hair is held back by an intricate purple headband, keeping it out of her eyes in battle. Her armor is ornately tooled in red, black, and gold.

Character History Edit

The ever loving sister of Orshanai, Nephreti used to follow the teachings of A'dal. Now bending the powers of the light to her will by force, she has become what is known as a Dark Paladin. Ever grateful to her mistress, Sulphuras, for showing her the error of the path of the light, she now follows her every whim without question or remorse.

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