|subject_name= Nerelda Nightfall
 |faction= Alliance
 |game_name= Nerelda
 |class= Hunter
 |race= Night Elf
 |gender= Female
 |age= 321
 |height= 6'11"
 |weight= 152 lbs
 |hair colour= Silver
 |eye colour= blue
 |skin colour= violet
 |alignment= Lawful Neutral
 |professions= Skinning and Leatherworking

Appearance Edit

Nerelda's bright, violet skin shimmers wonderfully in any sort of light. Her argent, blue eyes compliment her wisp of silver hair, which rests gracefully at her shoulders and tied in a partial pony at the top – as a hunter constantly on the move, she prefers to keep her hair short and away from her face. A pair of dark claw tattoos adorn her soft face (a symbol of her rite of passage as a diligent apprentice Sentinel) which is fairly round and full, with an accomplished nose and small, ruby lips. Her cheekbones sit high upon her face and give her a dignified pose. She is often found wearing any clothing that is considered generally comfortable, normally leathers that she has skinned and crafted herself. Standing at 6′11″, Nerelda is appraised as a normal size for a Night Elf female.

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