Northrend Privateers
This article is part of a series of Alliance Guilds
Contacts: Lavata, Ironwall, Kalashnicov
Application: Website Application
Requirements: Level 70
Guild Focus: Roleplay (Light)
End-game Raiding
[Armory Listing]

Overview Edit

Northrend Privateers are a band of cut-throats and unwashed adventurers. Stay upwind of them, really! Formed for end game raiding... in the hopes of conquering Northrend SOON! For more information you can contact Lavata, Kalashnicov or Ironwall in game or check out our forums


Current Progress

Karazhan - First Clear (04/22/2008) - weekly raids, check our forums for days and times.

Future Plans

Gruul's Lair - schedule yet to be determined.

Magtheridon's Lair - schedule yet to be determined.

History Edit

Someone ate the historian.

However some, in passing, have mentioned having attended the Unseen University before adventuring the high seas.

First seen sailing the server on Feb 21, 2008.

Officers Edit

Lavata, Commodore

Guild leader. Contact for adminsion and advice on how to best surrender to our aquatic engineers.

Ironwall, Captain

Shockadin and generally short.

Kalashnicov, Captain

Marksdwarf, and also short.

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