The Silverlake'sEdit

The Silverlake family is a noble and highly honored warrior based family that took part in all Three of the war's that gripped the lands of Azeroth. Through prowess and courage on the battlefield, the Family quickly raised to a position of high standing within the human nations, leaving them is a position of power. Sadly, a rift was created in the family that led to a second branch of the bloodline that left the warrior-esque lifestyle the Silverlake family had become so used to and starting a fierce hatred between the two separate branches.

The second branch left the high life they lived within the city of Lordaeron and moved further south to the small town known as Southshore where they took up a peaceful life and became tailor's while the main branch of Silverlake's stayed within Lordaeron as Knights of the Alliance.

Orithia's HistoryEdit

Orithia was born within the town of Southshore in the second smaller branch of the Silverlake family that now lived in poverty. Orithia's mother passed away when she was young, leaving her father to raise her alone. Luckily, Gerald, Orithi's father and only living relative, was a successful tailor that raised her alone from the age of 5.

-work in progress-

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