The NameEdit

In-Game Alias: Orluno.
Full Name: Orlunarian Onnophris Saternolia.
Known Name: Orluno Sirus Nolia.
Nickname(s): Luno, Luny, Or, Orly, Blackpaw.
Title(s): Exiled Warden, The Shadowstalker.
Race: Quel'dorei(night Elf).
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ashenvale Forest
Class: Rogue Druid
Profession(s): Enchantment, Assassination, Druidism
Occupation: Dreaming...
Faction: Netural
Alignment: Neutral

The ShellEdit

Age: 14,058(Physicly 37)
Height: 204 Centimetres [6'7"]
Weight: 82 Kilograms [202 Pounds]
Hair Colour: Jet Black, Cobalt Blue
Flesh Hue: Dark Purple
Facial Markings: Those who are lucky enough to even see this ones face, Notice only a few small scars in this area, Around the cheeks, forhead and chin.
Bodily Scars: As his face, This ones body is rarley seen. If you happen to catch him bathing or somthing or the sort his Back, chest and arms are litterd with the usual warriors trophies.. Arrow, slice and burn wounds.
Build: Athletic
Apparel: Usually dark colors. Sometimes seen in all white, Leather and cloth.
Markings/tattoos: The one has only a few self-chosen scars. On the tops of both hands are strange symbols with figures.

The Left hand bares a symbol representing a controlled cycle where everything seems to be given .. Forced to do as the control requires, Order. The figures which are stuck within the boundires of the cycle represent Fear, Power, Lies and Slavery.

The right hand bares a symbol that represents a broken cycle where everything seems to be chosen .. Given the choice to choose your own, Chaos. The figures wich are free around the open border of the cycle represent In'lakech, Equality, Truth and Freedom.

On his Back rests two dragons in a never ending battle, highly detailed work down to each scale. The dragon on the left is Blue, The Right is Black. Both seem to be done with a special ink to show on his dark skin. The dragons arms are locked together, By their feet are smaller creatures resembling dragonkin or diffrent kind.

Hidden behind the two dragons is a tree which grows tall..but is leafless and the bark black. The branches crawl up to his shoulders are down to his pecks in a tribal looking artform.

The SpawnEdit

Mother: Xylise Swiftsong [Deceased]
Watcher under command of Maiev Shadowsong
Father: Onnophris Saternolia [Deceased]
Wanna be Druid, Failure. Master Enchanter.
Brother (younger): Ilar Saternolia (nolia)
Warrior, Loyal brother.
Uncle: Rabine Saternolia (Saturna)
Cenarion Warden, Druid of the Claw.

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