Guild Broken Pact
Title Apprentice to Thal'Nath
Nicknames Orsh, Orshi
Game Name Orshanai
Class Priest
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height 6'0
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Skin Color Dark, Close to black
Alignment Evil
Professions Tailoring

Physical Description Edit

Orshanai has extremely unnaturally dark features for a draenei. Although she was born that way, her hair and horns were changed to their current condition after allying with shadow. She always carries around a black rose with a black hazy mist, and is always wearing a long, dark, purple dress.

Personality Edit

She has bitter resentment toward the light and those who follow it. Otherwise, she tends to be somewhat quiet and reserved.

History Edit

Born in Draenor, Orshanai lived her life plagued by demons. The naaru promised to protect her in return for her service as a priest of the light. When the demons began to return, she gave up on the naaru and chose the path of shadow. In order to expel the Naaru inside of her, she went to the demon who plagued her as a child, Thal'Nath. She was taken up as his apprentice and is being used as a vessel for him to walk amidst Azeroth.

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