Quindan Zin Keywidget
Guild Manifest Destiny
Title Warlock
Nicknames Quin
Game Name Quindan
Class Warlock
Race Gnome
Gender male
Age 17
Height 2'9"
Weight 34lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Shadow Purple
Skin Color Very Fair
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Professions Engineering
  • "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your teddy closest!"
  • "..."
  • "..."

--- Quindan, Shiawase, Ravine, and Riely.

Quindan's innocent, honest smiles often win over inexperienced men and women - others can see the ambition and dark amusement in his eyes. Oft surprising others with his pleasure at sadistic humour, Quindan walks through life sharing his weird wisdom with others who most of the time, don't understand it. He aligns himself with whom he wants. He helps his friends selflessly - and yet can enjoy breaking someone's spirit. His eyes are coloured a unique purple, and shadows seem to swirl within them - this could be an explanation of why he has such strong intuition; he claims the speak to him.

Quindan escaped from Gnomeregan during the disaster with his father - his mother had already died of radiation poisoning. Losing his teddy bear (which he names affectionately Ted Widgetmedfixit de Chucklymirthson) during the disaster. Living in Coldridge, he left to make some money in Stormwind City, as a food vendor. In the Park District, he met Riely Marrol Darkfizzle, Shiawase Deeproots, and Ravine. After Shiawase bought out his entire stock of food, he sat and talked with the afore-mentioned adventurers. A few hours later, he returned to Coldridge Valley, with a new ambition - to be strong.

To be a warlock.

Life as a WarlockEdit

  • "Why won't you tell us?"
  • "Because you didn't ask nicely."
  • Shiawase scoffs.
  • Quindan leaps down from his perch on the chandelier.
  • "Dark One, whose malelovence knows no bounds, please impart your knowledge on us enemies of your will. Except when it comes to ale. Then we're your closest companions."
  • Shiawase facepalms.

--- Shiawase, Vissic, and Quindan

While training in Coldridge Valley, he met Zevil and Drovan, a draenai investigator and dwarf priest respectively. They worked together for some time, but Quindan eventually went on alone.

In Stormwind City, he met Shiawase again, and his 'distraction' a human paladin that went by the name of Varenn. After plyaing a game with the two men (Singing limericks, solving algebraic equations) Vissic entered the inn. They discussed matters, such as Boban, a member of the Retribution of Arathor, and more particularly, the man's death. They spoke for a time, but, eventually, Quindan went on his way once more.

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