Full Name: Regulas Ardwynn
In-Game: Regulas
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 31
Class: Warrior


Stocky, dirty, and armed to the teeth, Regulas appears almost barbaric to most people. His messy hair doesn't help matters much, either.


Regulas is a fairly rowdy man by nature, never too busy to take a few minutes to knock back a few drinks in the local tavern. This trait only serves to make him more rowdy.


Regulas' father was a member of Stormwind's military when he was younger, and he is responsible for teaching Regulas how to fight.

Regulas has recently taken up residence in Lakeshire, having negotiated a deal with the blacksmiths there.

Professional LifeEdit

Regulas fancies himself an explorer by trade, and to finance his travels he works as a blacksmith. He plumbs the depths of every mine he comes across himself, then takes his spoils back to town where he smelts and forges them into various useful items. His primary focus, however, remains upon seeing all that the world has to offer.

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