Rhune: A brief overview Edit

Full Name: Rhune Astherion

In-Game: Rhune

Nickname: None at the moment.

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Class: Mage (but also a bit of an explorer)

Character Age and Birthdate: 28 (born 2 yrs before the 1st War)

Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism, First Aid

Current Home: The Mage's Quarter of Stormwind

Brief Physical Description: Long black hair, goatee, and in robes.

Guild: Retribution of Arathor

Personality traits: Rhune is an arrogant but also strangely naive young Mage. Always sure that his opinion is the right one he is quick to act in any situation... for good or ill. He is a member of Stormwind's Order of Mages as well as serving in the ranks of the Retribution, both of which he serves with unquestioning loyalty. Rhune believes in the superiority of the teachings of the Order of Mages and works for what he calls "Azeroth's Arcane Destiny". Despite his shortcomings Rhune is extremely loyal to those who have earned his friendship and generally works for the common good, or at least his definition it. When those close to him have a different idea of what constitutes the common good Rhune has a very difficult time of grasping the simple idea that others might have a different view and will often continue with a conversation as if everyone involved approves of what he is saying. Ruby, Rhune's pet Whelping, is always at his side and will often bring Rhune back down to earth when he becomes too sure of himself or overreaches.

Rhune has a strong distrust of Warlocks despite having many as close friends since becoming an adventurer. He often tries to "save" them before they become corrupted. Though these Warlocks may find Rhune to be overbearing and a nuisance he only does this because he cares. His greatest fear is that he may one day be forced to kill one of these friends in order to protect the Alliance. The "conversations" between Rhune and the Warlocks Aellex and Riely have become especially legendary. After being cursed by Riely's vodoo doll Rhune has decided to not push as hard as before. Any mention of the doll that cursed him will instantly put Rhune into a cold sweat. He fears it like nothing on Azeroth though he will never admit it.

Rhune considers technology to be nothing more than a fad that will one day pass. He believes magic is the future, for him, and for everyone else.

The only calling that Rhune respects as much as that of the Mage is the Paladin. Their dedication and abilities have impressed him but even then he believes that one should have faith in oneself and not some nebulous concept such as "the light".

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