Ro'Ogg (Robo) ShadowhandEdit


Race: Orc

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Horde

Relatives: None

Class: Warlock

Professions: Grandmaster Engineer

Physical Description: Ro'Ogg (Robo) Shadowhand is a muscular orc, his body toned and covered in olive green skin. He has fel scars covering his hands from tempering with daemonic magic. Robo drapes himself in purple garments, the robes of a Warlock. He proudly wears the black and green colors of Watering Plants. However, when crafting, he wears simple workman's clothing with his renowned goggles. Robo usually has his trusty felhunter, Zhaanum, at his side.

Personality: Despite his gruff appearance, Robo is a friendly, easy going orc. He is often found in Orgrimmar enjoying the life of the city. However, as all orcs are, Robo is a fierce warrior. Using shadow magic, he is one of the first to join any battle. He is a seasoned warrior and often shares his experience and knowledge with those around him.

Nickname: Robo's original name was, in fact, not Robo. His birth name was Ro'Ogg Shadowhand. He picked up the name Robo from his ingenious skill of engineering. When Orgrimmar was created and trade began to flow in, he discovered his born knack from the goblins. Robo, an orc (not usually thought of as smart or clever by the goblins), impressed them in how he mastered the craft in a matter of days. The goblins gave him the nickname Robo to show he was a skilled craftsman. Because Robo was given the name Ro'Ogg from the Blackrock clan (he is now exiled from them) he was quick to replace his name.

History: Being born in the Blackrock Clan, Ro'Ogg Shadowhand was raised with the ideals of the warlocks and daemonic powers. During the Second War, Robo was only a toddler, but was one of the few surviving and free orcs who remained from the Assault on Blackrock Spire. Along with the few remaining non-captured orcs, Robo returned to Blackrock Spire and helped rebuild. Many years passed but Robo remained in the rebuilt Spire, training as a warlock under the order of the old Horde.

Robo, now a fully trained and devastating warlock, joined many of the Blackrocks on raids of defenseless Alliance towns and lead numberless human sacrifices to the Legion. Nonetheless, when Thrall created the new Horde and called for all orcs to return to shamanism, most of the Blackrocks called the new Horde traitors and declared them enemies. However, Robo believed that Thrall was right even though Robo, himself, was a warlock. Robo was threatened with exile and to be sworn an enemy if he left to join Thrall, but he believed in Thrall's call and abandoned the Blackrocks. To this day Robo serves Thrall, not only as a loyal servant but as a warlock.

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