Rundegg Ironbellows
Paladin Dwarf Male
Guild Whitewind
Title Templar of the Order of Whitewind
Nicknames Rundy
Game Name Rundegg
Class Paladin
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Age Human equivalent of 30
Height 4'11"
Weight 180 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Weathered tan
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professions Herbalism, Fishing, Cooking

Physical DescriptionEdit

Rundegg is quite attractive by dwarven terms. His face is pleasantly proportioned and his hair and beard are full and well-groomed. Rundy seems to have a permanent smile glued to his face, peeking out from beneath his prodigious dwarven nose. His eyes, always sparkling with humor, are a striking emerald green color with light golden rings around the pupils. His hair and beard are fiery red, the later braided into twin plaits that drop below belt level.

Rundegg’s equipment is always well cared for, his armor spotless and his clothing immaculate even while adventuring in the most unsavory conditions. His brother often joked that “Dirt jus’ dunna stick to ya!”. Rundy favors hammers in combat, most often paired with a stout shield. While not adventuring, Rundegg tends to dress in comfortable clothes and is almost never seen without his floppy brown fishing hat, its band decorated with various lures and flies. He always smells faintly of hops and yeast.


If an individual were to take Rundegg at face value they would never guess that he is a believer in the priciples of the Holy Light. He’s the consummate joker, fond of telling yarns that would make a sailor blush. He also has the weakness for strong drink typical of his people, and will often take long sips from his ever-present pewter flagon. Rundy has a soft spot for dwarven women, and is known as quite the charmer in certain circles of Ironforge.

Behind all of that, Rundegg is a noble soul. He’s very protective of his brother Bunlap, and takes equal measures with anyone who earns his trust, such as the gnome mage Hibidydibler and the dwarven priest Dobbo. Rundegg also has an odd streak. He relishes picking plants and flowers, a source of constant amusement and derision from his more straight-laced twin.

Because it’s his hobby, Rundegg is an accomplished herbalist. He’s also a bit of a cook and loves brewing his own ales and grain alcohols. He has a passion for fishing, though he usually throws what he catches back.


Rundegg and his fraternal twin brother, Bunlap, were born in the quiet years between the War of the Three Hammers and the Second War. (More soon)

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