Rykkar SoL by FiretruckNC

"Sneaky Sneaky" by Sheridan Wharton

Rykkar AinuaEdit

Nicknames: Rykk, Wolf
Race: Kal'dorei/Troll
Age: 75
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Rogue
Professions: Herbalist, Enchanter, Brewmaster, Cook
Affiliations: Marshal of Servitors of Lothar

Appearance: A bit more lanky and lithe of build than most night elves. Though still rather muscular, one might use the term "wiry." He also seems to be a few inches above average height (standing at 7'9"). His hands, one might note when not wearing gloves, have fingers of oddly varying lengths. If he smiles broad enough it seems he has not one, but two sets of fangs. One set along the outside of the first, slightly larger and longer, jutting down. He wears a Blacksteel ring on his left hand, it has the image of two wolves carved into it. When he's not working one may also notice a plain gold wedding ring on the same finger.

((It should be noted oocly, that Rykk's mixed heritage is not common knowledge. Some folks may figure it out when around him long enough, though most just write him off as "odd".))




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