Salohcin Denalor Trebov was born just before the outbreak of the First War. His father, Denalor Tomelec Trebov, was one of the solders sent into the Deadmines as part of the rescue mission for Sir Anduin Lothar after his ill-fated (albeit successful) mission to retrive the Tome of Divinity. Sal's father would be witness to other important events during the Orc Invasion; most notably the Battle of Dun Modr, and, of course, the Battle of Blackrock Spire. Denalor was not witness to Lothar's fall, however, though he did participate in the assault on the fortress itself.

After the war, Denalor settled down with his wife and children in New Stormwind, eventually annointed as a paladin in the city garrison. Though his regimen with the Church of the Holy Light stressed the dangers of arcane magics in the face of corruption, Denalor encouraged Salohcin to pursue his desire to become a mage, trusting that his only son was of pure heart and would not fall to dark magics.

Sal never forgot his father's stern, but heartfelt, warnings on magical corruption. As such, he pursued the 'purer' branch of magic: Arcane. By direct manipulation of magical energy, Sal felt confident that he had all the power he needed, and felt saddened when more than a few of his collegues started hanging about the Slaughtered Lamb.

Inspired by his father's tales of the First and Second wars, not to mention the more recent tales of the war in Silithus, Salohcin set out to seek his destiny and fortune. His early travels eventually took him to the Exodar, where he learned the art of Jewelcrafting from the Draenei, making use of his grandfather Tomelec's early instruction on mineral prospecting when Sal was just a boy.

Salohcin's accomplishments include participation in the ongoing battle of Alterac Valley, earning a Tome of Arcane Domination, from which he was able to glean the secret of Arcane Blast. Additionally, he has proven himself as a capable dungeon runner.

Currently, Salohcin has joined his fellow Azerothians in the assault on Northrend, setting his base of operations in Valiance Keep.

Salohcin's relatives include his father, Dnalor, his mother Carolyne, and his sister Nettalya. The rest of his family were slaughtered in the First War.

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