Priest Human Female
Guild Firewind
Title To be filled in
Nicknames To be filled in
Game Name Sayu
Class Priest
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Height "Short"
Weight "Thin"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Pale
Alignment Although pure of heart, its hard to define her.
Professions Enchanting and Tailoring

Physical DescriptionEdit

Sayu is short, thin, and apears to be frail. She often wears an air headed smile on her face, oblivious or curious to the world around her. Her blond hair is tied in a pony tail, and her blue eyes shine brightly in the sun. But dont let her innocence fool you. She tends to be a bit of a basket case.


As mentioned above, she is a basket case. Although bright, optomistic, and chipper, she often has a bad habit with scamming people, or bringing out the worst of people. She is energetic, and an inspiring symbol of the light within her soul.


An orphen of Stormwind, being raised in priesthood and enchanting. Rikaul found her, and funds her enchanting.

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