Shaell Molsen
Guild N/A
Title N/A
Nicknames Girl, Kid
Game Name Shaell
Class Paladin
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Weight 136 lbs.
Hair Color Golden blond
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Freckled & tanned
Alignment Lawful Good
Professions Cooking, Fishing, First Aid

Physical DescriptionEdit

With her golden blond hair like ripe wheat, tan skin from hours in the sun and bright blue eyes, Shaell looks very much like her native land of Westfall. Her lean, muscled figure could either be attributed to long hours in the fields, or to the large mace perpetually strapped to her back. Though she is clad in various forms of heavy armor, and the tome of her order hangs at her hip, she always has a ready smile and an eager, curious light in her eye.


Having not yet seen much outside of her homeland and Stormwind, Shaell is still very naive both to the world at large, and the people therein. She is insatiably curious and overly eager to please those whom she respects, and even moreso eager to aid any whom she deems needs her help. Still very young as well, Shaell tries to remain stoic as she's seen her elders act, but her youth and energy has a way of seeping through and cracking that shell quiet easily and quickly.


Sweets, chocolates, dogs, fresh cut hay, cooking, fishing, "heroes", her father and brothers


Over cooked greens and bland food, dishonesty and deception, "villains", the Defias, getting drunk to the point of illness... which doesn't take that much with her.

Fears and FlawsEdit

Perpetually trying to prove herself to her father and brothers, despite them being leagues away in Northrend, Shaell hates the thought of failing in her objectives. As she begins to see how people truly to rely upon ones such as she to aid them, that fear is only growing stronger, but with it is also growing her determination and skill.

Her most prominent flaw, however, is her complete lack of worldly experience. She is dreadfully naive and, in her eagerness to please and help people, very easily manipulated. Down the road, she will surely thank the Light that she has Shan're to keep her from getting herself in too deep with anything.



(( Coming Soon ))


Shaell by KchanReynolds

Sketch by Kchan Reynolds

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