Name: Sindrael Ashalla Sunstorm Dawnstrider

Age: 60 (she has just reached the human equivalent of adulthood)

Occupation: Battlemage, Grand Master Alchemist - Elixir Mastery, Grand Master Tailor - Spellfire Tailoring

Languages: Thalassian, Orcish

Personality Edit

Sindrael is, for the most part, quite shy, soft-spoken and reserved. When she does speak, it will generally be to either ask a question or give a compliment. However, once she knows and trusts you, you will find her light-hearted, gently teasing, nurturing and loyal. If you speak against her husband or her friends, however, beware the temper that led her to her chosen path as a Fire Mage. You might also look out for that firebolt headed your why, while you're at it.

Physical Description Edit

Smaller than most of her race, Sindrael stands at a diminutive 5'10" and weighs only 134lbs. Hair the color of expensive champagne falls to just below her shoulders, often caught back into a band while fighting, but just as often allowed to flow unbound, lifting about her face while energy courses through her during the casting of a spell.

She is the epitome of elegance and refinement, dressed in robes of soft colors and fabrics, most of which, as an accomplished tailor, she makes herself. While working at either alchemy or tailoring, she prefers to wear breeches and tunics that will better hide the inevitable stains or loose threads inherent to her work. On those rare occasions when she is enticed into a fishing expedition with her husband, Cynlan, or sister, Alyrra, you will still find her looking more as if she should be graciously patronizing the shops of Silvermoon rather than putting worms on a hook with fashionably gloved fingers.

History Edit

A Troubled Past Edit

(Under construction and to be continued!  :D )

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