Steinburger Socketwrench
Guild None
Title The Psychonaut
Nicknames Burgerman
Game Name Steinburger
Class Mage
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Age 64
Height 3'8"
Weight 56 lbs.
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Pale w/ green splotches
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Professions Master Engineer/Miner

Physical description

A survivor of the fall of gnomeregan Steinburger's hair and spots of his skin had been tainted green by the radiation he narrowly avoided in the late night evacuation. Frail and thin even by gnomish standards and sporting a "champion quality" mustache. Losing his hair despite his part in the creation of Gnogain, the quality hair suppliment for the gnome on the go.


A quiet thinker constantly taking odd notes in his everpresent notebook, he rarely has anything to say about everything, prefering to write everything out in his barely ledgible chickenscratch shorthand. Known to hold many totally irrational fears, superstitions, and conspiracy theories regarding troggs, forsaken, the human royalty, ants (where did they all go !?), mechanical squirrels ( mind control !!) and the weather (its like its programmed to turn on and off !!!). Currently obsessed with researching how to build a "perfect gnomish specimen" from "the ground up".


A talanted wizard with a penchant for ice spells and a member of the goblin engineering league in high standing. Blacklisted from the gnomish engineering league due to his part in the creation of Gnogain, the quality hair suppliment for the gnome on the go.

Special Possessions

Steinburger's most prized possession is his tinkerers backpack, which holds nearly a lifetimes worth of scientific research and stuffed with a seemingly endless array of gadgets, gizmos, bombs, and crystals packed with an almost military precision. Almost never seen without his modified breathing apparatus and "cleansed" suit due to his irrational fear of airborn contaminents.


A victim of amnesia due to the radiation poisoning he suffered during the fall of Gnomeregon, He remembers very little of what happened before that awful night. What he does remember he wishes he could forget... He was a prominent psychotherapist in charge of charting the mental health of overly stressed engineers and he saw over many important officials mental health. One of his charges, Sicco Thermaplugg, showed many signs of dementia but due to his political power within gnomeregan he couldn't commit him without scandal. He saw Sicco for years, his patients insanity seeming to grow more with every visit, but his hands were tied. Deciding enough was enough, he was about to report his findings on thermapluggs condition to the board of mental health when the troggs attacked Gnomeregan. Thermaplugg tricked the High tinker into releasing the radiation that heralded the fall of gnomeregan. His guilt over his inability to stop Thermaplugg still haunts him to this day.

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